Coltellerie Lepre Maniago handmade knives since 1950
Handmade in Italy
Coltellerie Lepre Maniago forging a knife


For some particular knives we still mould by hand. This consits of reheating the piece of steel at high temperature, on a carbon mould and it is hit by a hammer on the anvil until the style desired is recieved. Then the worked piece is cooled in oil until hardened.

Coltellerie Lepre Maniago forging a knife
Coltellerie Lepre Maniago cutting of the horns

The cutting of the horn

The horns that we use come from Eastern countries of Europe . A large part of the horns are deciduous and are collected in the Spring. The horns are successively left to dry for one year. Then each one after being trimmed are cut into pieces. While this process is happening each piece is carefully examined according to the style and thickness and then a choice is made for the right type of horn will be better utilized. Each handle will be of unique style and coated with a unique, unreaptable colour.

Coltellerie Lepre Maniago sharpening the blade of a knife


This is where we can see the finish of the back of the knife. The steel components still raw are smoothened and polished to enable them to become shiny. The same process is followed for the blade.

Coltellerie Lepre Maniago polishing the blade


Thanks to this process which is carried out through the use of grinding wheels and abrasive substance. We are able to obtain a mirrow effect. Obviously, the process to obtain the perfect polishing is gradual; We start with the rougher grinding wheels and we finish with the smoother grinding wheels and with ultra fine abrasive substance.

Coltellerie Lepre Maniago assembling knives


Even this process is by hand. It consits in assembling the single components of the knife blade, spring, cheek handle of different thickness. These enable us to assemble the knife and to open and close the blade.

Coltellerie Lepre Maniago photoengraving the knives


In this you can see the hand amendments to the design on the acid engraving.

Thanks to this particular process the finished blade is protected by a special photosensitive polish that leaves visible only the design. Then the blade is treated with an acid that tarnishes the lines of the design making the engraving inerasable.

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